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We believe that the key to multilingual marketing is a process from globalisation to localisation. This means that simply translating a text from one language to another will not suffice. We will help you globalise your message first and then add quality local ingredients to make your audiences recognise, understand and appreciate it – whether it is shared in a brochure, on a web page or in a news article.

For website and web-application content we also offer SEO advisory services and CMS integrations, enabling you to instantly and successfully launch your online multilingual content. Or how about having your flyers and brochures directly translated within your InDesign layout? Find out more about all these options in our Language technology section.

Attached has a wealth of experience when it comes to language consultancy, creative translations and copywriting. We take pride in what we do, so here are a few examples from our marketing portfolio:



Tourism & Leisure

Just as we are inspired by foreign languages, so are we inspired by different cultures and places. This inspiration has turned us into enthusiastic travelling specialists, working on many jobs for the tourism and leisure branch.

Check out one of our many projects for KLM.

Food & Beverage

What could be more local than language? Well, food! Attached works for various food and beverage professionals, from caterers to cheese companies. In other words, we know our food.

Find out what we did for our client Vergeer Holland.


Attached is a language specialist within the fields of entertainment and event marketing. Time pressure, tight deadlines, fast delivery, no problem… We understand the global nature of the entertainment industry like no other.

This is what we do for our client Holland Casino.


Pillboxes, bed baths, membrane transport mechanisms, at Attached we’ve seen them all. The international market for the medical sector is large and competitive. Therefore we know how important it is that your texts showcase your healthcare products and services in an accurate and attractive manner.

Check our case study about Global Factories.
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Legal - IP

Legal - IP

Legal & IP

At Attached, our dedicated in-house team of legal translation professionals works together with a fixed pool of certified and experienced linguists in the legal and IP sector. They know exactly what to be mindful of whilst translating and managing your legal, intellectual property, patent or trademark files.

All our translators work in accordance to our ISO-certified standards. They are educated in the related legal field, with additional technical training when it comes to patent or other IP-related projects.

We serve attorneys and legal professionals in a variety of areas:

  • patents
  • trademarks
  • labour law
  • banking litigation
  • real estate
  • … and many more

Click here to discover what we did for our client V.O.

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Business - Finance

Business - Finance

Business & Finance

Over the years, we already have provided many clients with language services for their business, HR and fiscal communication needs. We are always pleased to take account of the, at times, urgent nature of these types of project and respect the particular preferences and stylistic requirements that our clients may have.

Our Business & Finance portfolio covers communication materials such as:

  • internal newsletters
  • investment portfolio summaries
  • job profiles
  • appraisement forms
  • annual reports

Read more about our work for Deutsche Bank.
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Multilingualism in education is a hot topic in our ever more globalising world. Making the educational arena accessible to a far broader student range, Attached is a strong advocate of multilingual education. We are therefore pleased to have partnered with a number of higher educational institutions in the Netherlands, providing them with translation and copywriting services for both their internal and external communications.

Nice to know…
To help students find their way on their future career paths, we offer young academics a chance to do an internship with us. We invest time and energy to teach them all the ins and outs of the translation industry, while at the same time making them familiar with the essential ingredients for good teamwork. A valuable experience for their future working life.

Find out about our work for The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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Market research

Market research

Market research

Obtaining relevant, reliable and current information about a potential market environment can be of vital importance. If you need an insight into the wants and needs of your clients abroad – whether in qualitative forms or as quantitative data – you can count on us to take care of your market research communications.

Having worked with many different market research agencies, we have a lot of experience in translating market(ing) research questionnaires and analyses. What’s more, we are excited about using this experience to help you find out how to best market your product in another country, whether it is consumer-orientated or business-to-business.

Find out more about the details of our market research clients.
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Arts - Culture

Arts - Culture


Arts & Culture

Writing about art is an art in itself – not only does it require in-depth education and specialist knowledge, it also requires imagination, subtlety and talent. After all, the reader of a museum catalogue will expect a different language style to the reader of, say, a website about motorcycle parts. Which is where we come in.

Click here for a description of our work for the Late Rembrandt exhibition in The Rijksmuseum.
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